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Pipeline Integrity



Farr Front Pipeline Integrity pride ourselves on being an industry leader in Safety, Environmental management and Integrity services by providing highly trained, reliable and responsible industry experts. Farr Front Pipeline Integrity’s management team consists of individuals with over 75 years of combined experience in the Pipeline Integrity and pipeline chemical cleaning industry. We have commissioned a fleet of brand new equipment for deployment in early 2018. All equipment is purpose built to service the Pipeline Integrity and chemical cleaning market to include mobile high pressure 3 phase separators, filter separators, temporary pig launchers and receivers, and flares with all associated temporary piping and valves. All certificates of compliance and material test reports are available on all equipment.

Farr Front Pipeline Integrity builds our business by selecting employees with excellent safety practices and good work ethic, who understand and are committed to best in class solutions to perform tasks for our clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to control cost and improve efficiency without effecting quality. All of our personnel are highly trained and motivated with good attitudes and will provide genuine customer service and quality workmanship in everything we do.


  • Safety – Working without injury is our highest value
  • Take Action – Take the initiative, get things done, lead by example
  • Solve Problems – Identify and address issues
  • Teamwork – Collaborate to accomplish specific goals
  • Deliver on Promises – Follow through on commitments
  • Respect – Demonstrate humility, consideration, and support
  • Do the right thing – Honesty, Integrity, and ethics in everything

What we offer to the Pipeline Industry

Services Provided

  • online Pigging and cleaning. (Chemical and Mechanical)
  • Offline Pigging, Chemical and Mechanical cleaning
  • Cleaning and Pigging with Nitrogen and Dehydrated air.
  • Technical support, consulting and project planning for In Line Inspection.
  • Chemical cleaning pre-Hydro-static testing lines in service for environmental compliance.
  • Lab analysis and Custom chemical formulations and blending specific chemistries for unique pipeline cleaning applications.
  • Corrosion inhibitors and bio-surfactants for line passivation and bacteria removal.
  • Pipeline Decommissioning, Recommissioning and flaring of natural gas.
  • Project planning and consulting.
  • Pigging equipment and pig sales.
  • Fully certified Temporary piping systems, all MTR’s and certification papers. (flanged and hammer union pipe up to 1440 psi.)


  • 3 phase separators
  • Filter separators
  • High pressure pig traps
  • Blow down flare systems
  • Temporary piping (flanged and Union)
  • Valves and Spool adaptors
  • Containment, drip pans and spill control trailers
  • Vapor control scrubbers and vessels
  • High and low pressure chemical injection system