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Emission Control

FFCS LIQUID SCRUBBERS- ASME Coded 150 psi and Full Vacuum
Controlling air emissions generated from the following:
Flare Minimization plans Flareless applications
Vacuum trucks Frac tanks
Mix tanks Process sumps
Truck loading Barge loading
Tank degassing Pipeline pigging
    …and many others  

As a natural extension of our effluent management system offering, Farr Front Chemical Services, FFCS, now offers liquid scrubbers for emission control. Liquid scrubbers provide the ability to target contaminates in a vapor stream by selecting the appropriate scrubbing media for the application. These most commonly include VOC, H2S, and Ammonia and can be controlled passively, requiring no utilities to operate. The entire fleet of FFCS scrubbers were designed for turnaround applications requiring ASME coded vessels- 150psi and Full Vacuum. This design characteristic has enabled customers to satisfy their MOC requirements by using vessels rated for the service.

While this has positioned FFCS to provide a more complete turnkey solution for unit decontamination services, our scrubbers are also utilized in providing controls for fugitive emission sources to include vacuum trucks, frac tank and mix tanks, solid separation equipment, process sumps, truck and barge loading, tank maintenance- degassing and odor control, and pipeline pigging, to name a few.

The need for flareless applications continues to grow to maintain compliance with current regulations. FFCS can provide an alternative path to atmosphere for process equipment maintenance activities from full unit shutdowns, to small chemical cleaning projects, to equipment venting.

Contact your local sales representative today to receive an emission control application questionnaire, or send a request to sales@farrfront.com.